El Chiflón is one place you can’t miss when you are in Chiapas: a real gem in Mexico. Easily accessible from San Cristobal de las Casas or Tuxtla Gútierrez, this place nestled between the jungle and mountains is absolutely breathtaking. It is the perfect opportunity to spend a day in nature. El Chiflón Chiapas is home to one waterfall that becomes 5 ones. Even if you are not an athletic person, you will be able to enjoy the site since it was designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical condition. If you want to see this unmissable destination, keep reading!

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  1. What is El Chiflón Chiapas?
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  3. When to visit El Chiflón?
  4. How to get to the Chiflón waterfalls?
  5. How much does the El Chiflon entrance cost?
  6. Tips to visit El Chiflón Chiapas
  7. Visit El Chiflón responsibly

What is El Chiflón Chiapas?

El Chiflón is a series of waterfalls formed by the San Vicente River that falls into several large waterfalls. Along your way, you will also encounter natural pools with mesmerizing turquoise-blue waters, offering a refreshing swim amidst the lush green valley.

The name El Chiflón comes from the sound of the waterfalls whistling (chiflar in Spanish) on windy days. There are two routes to visit this site: the left and the right. Most people visit the right one, as I did. If you have time and can spend an entire day or two there, it is recommended to explore both. Additionally, you have the option to sleep there to offer you a really slow travel day.

Besides the waterfalls that are the main attraction, the site offers three zip lines for added adventure, as well as picnic spots and food stalls at the entrance.

chiflon chiapas
chiflon chiapas
chiflon chiapas

5 waterfalls in El Chiflón

During your day trip, you will have the opportunity to discover 3 beautiful waterfalls, accessible through walkable paths, while the last 2 require a more challenging journey, which may not be suitable for everyone. As I am not an athletic person myself, I didn’t go.

Waterfall El Suspiro

It is the first waterfall in El Chiflón and already offers you a good glimpse of how beautiful this place is. 

chiflon chiapas

Waterfall Ala de Angel

You will have to climb down from the main path to the water’s edge to admire it better.

Waterfall El Velo de la Novia

This one is absolutely stunning! The noise produced by the waterfall and the speed of the water offer a great show. There is a platform where you can go to admire it closer. Get ready to be soaked!

chiflon chiapas
chiflon chiapas
chiflon chiapas

Waterfall Arcoiris

Here, the climb gets steep and dirty, but people who went there say it is totally worth the effort.

Waterfall La Quinceañera

It is the last waterfall of El Chiflón Chiapas. From there, you will have to come back by the same path and enjoy once again the waterfalls on your way.

When to go to El Chiflón?

The best time to visit El Chiflón Chiapas is from November to March when the weather is pretty good and not so hot. Also, you should avoid June to October because it is the rainy season, so the color of the water won’t be vibrant turquoise but an awful brown. 

The site is open from Monday to Sunday. Obviously, on weekends, more people visit it. It opens from 8:00 AM to 17:00 PM. So you have enough time to visit at a slow pace.

How to get to El Chiflón waterfalls?

Like many other excursions, you can go to The Chiflón with some tour operators. The only problem is that you will have very little time to be there and really enjoy the place. My advice is to go by yourself. I did it from San Cristobal de las Casas, so I will explain how to do the same.

How to go to El Chiflón from San Cristobal de las Casas?

  1. Head to the Ómnibus de Chiapas in the San Diego neighborhood, where you’ll find a bus station to Comitan.
  2. Purchase your bus ticket and board the first colectivo (minibus) available. It is cheap and a good way to meet local people.
  3. Alternatively, you can opt for a private taxi or an ADO bus from the ADO station.
  4. You arrive at Comitan, Bulevar Sur Doctor Blisarion Dominguez, where you’ll find agencies offering transportation to other cities and sites. Here, I spoke to one man on the street, who was working, and asked where I could take the colectivo to El Chiflón waterfalls. Luckily, his company takes people there. So, I paid for my ticket, waited a few minutes, and he put me in one colectivo. 
  5. The colectivo will drop you off near the park entrance, and you’ll have to walk approximately 15 minutes to reach it.

I enter from the right side. To be honest, I think you can do the same to visit the left one, but I am not sure.


That’s it. Obviously, you will have to do the same thing to come back.

How much does the El Chiflón entrance cost?

The general entrance costs 30 pesos for one side and 30 pesos for the other one. If you decide to visit the right side of the site, you will have to pay the fee at the ecotourism center’s gate. They give you a wristband that allows you to enter the site.

You also can do zip lines. There are 3 of them, and it must be a fun experience. Each has a different cost, and you can have a price for the three. Ask for more information when you are at the gate.

Tips to visit El Chiflón Chiapas

  • Get dressed comfortably and have good shoes. You are going to climb a lot.
  • Bring your swimsuit in case you want to bathe in the natural pools.
  • Apply eco-friendly sun protection to protect yourself and the environment.
  • Bring water. It can become pretty hot there.
  • Bring some snacks. There are no food stands once you start the hike.
  • Arrive early to avoid the midday heat and crowded tours.
  • Plan to spend at least 3 hours to enjoy.


Like anywhere in the world, it’s essential to practice responsible tourism when you visit El Chiflón Chiapas. Avoid littering, keep your trash with you until you find proper disposal facilities.

Don’t try to bring a souvenir from the site, don’t disturb the animals or insects you could find on your way, and don’t uproot any flowers.

If you plan to swim in the natural pools, apply biodegradable sunscreen to avoid contamination.


El Chiflón waterfalls are truly amazing and beautiful. If you visit Chiapas, take time to explore this blue and green natural zone and deeply enjoy the moment. It is a great activity to do alone, with your partner, or with your kids.

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