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Cordoba is one of those Spanish cities that has always fascinated me, much like Seville or Granada. Shaped by the three monotheistic religions, like all of Andalusia, I imagined it to be diverse, cheerful, and mysterious. I pictured in my mind the outlines of a skyline made up of bell towers and minarets, and envisioned streets that would have preserved their cultural heritage, blending Judaism and Islam, Islam and Christianity. What to do in Córdoba, the city where beauty bursts forth at every corner?

Cordoba in nutshell

Córdoba is an Andalusian city, located in the province of the same name. It enjoys a unique environment along the Guadalquivir River and at the foot of the Sierra Nevada. Its 319,000 inhabitants live in this sublime city founded by the Romans.
Aside from its Roman heritage, Arab and Jewish cultures have also shaped the city, which is often nicknamed the city of the 3 cultures.
In the 10th century, this small city was the most powerful in Europe, rivaling Baghdad and Byzantium. Today, it is a destination that attracts tourists with its beauty and its 4 elements classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

WHAT TO DO IN CORDOBA? 10 must-see places

Cordoba is full of places to visit. Its rich history and incredible heritage make it a destination with a thousand treasures. However, let me help you with this selection of sites that you really shouldn’t miss.

1. The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba

Since that book I opened in college, the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba has always been on my list of monuments to see at least once in my life.
Remember to buy your ticket in advance! Tourists are very numerous wanting to admire the number 1 monument of the city.
Once inside, the eye must adjust to the decrease in light to enjoy its fantastic red and white arches. This ancient Roman temple turned church then mosque, in which a cathedral was erected, is listed as a World Heritage Site.
Traces of each of its different lives can be found: frescoes from the primitive church, horseshoe arches, mihrab…
The building is of such richness and beauty that both the eye and the camera cannot help but capture and capture it. A monument that must absolutely be at the top of your Things to do in Cordoba? list.







2. The Calleja de las Flores

A mandatory Instagram stop at Calleja de las Flores, a narrow street adorned with beautiful flower pots and leading to a charming little square.
I advise you to go there early in the morning to avoid a horde of tourists.


3. The Municipal Zoco

From Calleja de las Flores, you can go to the Municipal Zoco, a small courtyard where a few artisans sell their creations.
Many tourists come here to photograph the flower pots hanging on the walls, which are of a dazzling white. You may have to queue to take their portrait.


4. The Mudéjar Chapel of San Bartolomé

The Chapel of San Bartolomé is an old Mudéjar-style temple that was part of the Cardinal Salazar Hospital. If, like me, you love azulejos, you won’t be disappointed!



5. The medieval city wall

Cordoba is composed of two walls: the one of Cairuán Street, which surrounded the medina with its small ponds and canals, and the one of Marrubial, which was part of a fortified enclosure surrounding the Axerquía, the eastern area of the historic Cordovan quarter.



6. The Palacio de Viana

Built in the 14th century, this house belonged to the lords of Villaseca and is a must-see on your things to do in Cordoba list. The palace underwent several transformations over the centuries. These 12 magnificent patios are a sight to behold!
From one flower-filled courtyard to another, the ambiance is different: the flowers, the plants, their scents, the colors of the azulejos, the way the water flows from the fountains… A distinct atmosphere can be felt on each patio. This visit stimulates all the senses. Buy your tickets!









7. The Posada, Plaza del Potro and Triunfo de San Rafael

On Plaza del Potro, we find two important elements of Córdoba’s architecture: the Potro Fountain, which represents a small horse, and the Triunfo de San Rafael column.
Another monument that attracts tourists is the Posada del Potro. You enter this former brother through a small wooden embrasure. The patio opens up before our eyes, spacious and bright. From here, you can access the different rooms that make up the building. It is possible to go up to the second floor to visit the Flamenco Art Center Fosforito.




8. The Guadalquivir River, Roman Bridge, and Tower of Calahorra

If you visit Cordoba, you should cross its river, the Guadalquivir. To reach the other bank, you have to take the Roman Bridge. Tourists crowd on both sides.
The city is definitely awake. The Andalusian heat gradually reaches its peak as I reach the Calahorra Tower. This fortress of Islamic origin was designed to protect the Bridge, which was the entrance to the city.




Another must-see site on your list of things to do in Cordoba:  the Alcázar! This fortress and palace was built on the orders of King Alfonso XI of Castile in 1328.
From the top of the tower, you will enjoy a lovely view of the square in front of the entrance to the monument and its gardens.
It is also under the shade of its green trees that I recommend you take a walk. Here and there, you can find remnants of Roman and Visigothic times.
The interior of the building can be visited, of course. The different rooms are arranged around charming courtyards.





10. The neighborhoods San Pedro, La Magdalena and San Pablo

To conclude the list “What to do in Córdoba?”, follow my advice and venture away from the most touristy areas to discover the Cordoba of the locals. You won’t be disappointed: every corner is full of beauty, as evidenced by these few photos.








How many days to visit Cordoba?

Cordoba is a beautiful city where I could easily get lost again and again. However, if you’re in a hurry, you can still visit it in 1 day.
To fully enjoy its nightlife and explore its heritage further, a minimum of 2 days is essential.
Finally, if you’re a digital nomad, you could easily stay here for several weeks or months. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover Cordoba like a local and take your time!

What to Do in Cordoba in 1 day?

Visiting Cordoba in 1 day is completely possible if you’re on a road trip in Andalusia and don’t have more time to dedicate to it. During this day, you’ll need to focus on the city’s most iconic monuments.

  • Visit Palacio de Viana: 2 hours
  • Explore the Mosque-Cathedral: 1 hour
  • Lunchtime: Around the mosque, there are plenty of shops to eat. Be sure to avoid tourist traps!
  • Walk through the Alcazar de Cordoba: 3 hours
  • End the day in the city’s iconic streets, like Calleja de las Flores.

What to Do in 2 days?

Visiting Cordoba in 2 days is highly recommended to better explore the city and experience its nightlife.

Day 1
  • Exploring the Palacio de Viana: 3 hours
  • Lunchtime: Take advantage of being in this less touristy area to have lunch at a restaurant frequented by locals.
  • Visit to the Mosque-Cathedral: 1 hour
  • Getting lost between Calleja de las Flores, El Zoco municipal, Capilla San Bartolomé, and Plaza del Potro: 2-3 hours
  • Dinnertime: Choose one of the many terraces in the city for an outdoor dinner.
Day 2
  • Visit to the Alcazar de los Reyes Católicos: 3 hours
  • Stroll around the city walls: 1 hour
  • Lunchtime: Try local specialties like flamenquín, honeyed eggplants, salmorejo, etc. at a local restaurant.
  • Cross the river to discover the Roman bridge and the Tower of Calahorra: 2 hours

When to visit Cordoba?

Cordoba can be visited throughout the year. However, it is recommended to explore the city in spring, when rain is rare and the days are longer.
Moreover, it is the perfect time to observe the flowers and blooming trees that decorate the streets.
If you are concerned about the heat, you should definitely avoid the summer when high temperatures could spoil your visit.

How to Get to Cordoba?

It is possible to travel to Cordoba from any Spanish city. The necessary time will depend, of course, on the distance. This mode of transportation is ideal if you want to explore the city during a road trip in Andalusia. If you don’t have a car, check the rates of car rental companies!
You can also arrive in Cordoba by train from the main cities of the country, such as Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Seville, or Malaga.
Many bus companies can take you to Cordoba. For example, Avanzabus and Blablabus are among them.
Finally, if you want to come by plane, you will first need to land in Seville, Malaga, or Madrid, and then take another mode of transportation.

How to get around in Cordoba?

If you’re strategically located, you can visit tourist spots on foot. For environmental reasons and to avoid parking issues, it’s best to avoid using a car.
If you really need transportation, opt for the bus or taxi.

Where to stay in Cordoba?

As a tourist, you’ll love staying in the Judería neighborhood, with its charming narrow streets lined with white houses and blooming courtyards. Moreover, the main monuments are within reasonable walking distance, allowing you to explore Cordoba without any hassle.
If you don’t want to be in the heart of the tourist area and prefer a quieter place, but still within a good distance from the main attractions, the Centro moderno is an excellent option.

Being digital nomad in Cordoba

Cordoba isn’t really a popular destination for digital nomads. There isn’t a real community of remote workers, which can be an issue if you need to be surrounded by your peers.
However, if you’re looking for a different experience and a quiet Andalusian immersion, it’s a great destination. The city doesn’t have coliving spaces, but there are a handful of coworking spaces. Nonetheless, there’s no problem working from home since the Wi-Fi quality is good.

Responsible travel in Córdoba

Impossible to visit Cordoba without doing it responsibly. This applies to any destination as well. So, remember to adopt essential eco-friendly gestures. Here are some examples:
  • Use water consciously (drought is a real issue in Spain).
  • Limit your AC use
  • Choose accommodation that has implemented eco-friendly measures.
  • Eat at restaurants that use seasonal products.
  • Move around as much as possible on foot.
  • Sort your waste according to local standards.
  • Shop at local markets.
  • Support small businesses rather than chains.
  • Do not feed the animals you see in the streets or parks.

Traveling as a POC in Córdoba

It’s important to emphasize that each experience is different. I can only speak for myself, of course. I spent 4 days in Cordoba and everything went extremely well. No stares, no reflections.
Visiting Cordoba is falling in love with it. Its people, its beauty, its warmth, its smells, its gastronomy… Many will tell you that besides the Mosque-Cathedral, nothing is interesting to see. That’s false. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in Spain for me.
I hope this article will help you prepare for your next getaway and get the perfect What to do in Cordoba list. If you found it useful, share it on Pinterest!
what to do in cordoba
what to do in cordoba
what to do in cordoba

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