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Traveling alone as a woman can scare us a little, but we can definitively do it! I am 36 years old when I am writing this blog post, and I started to travel alone 12-14 years ago. It was the only solution I had back then: nobody wanted to travel with me, but I wanted to discover the world so badly. Since then, I have traveled with ex-boyfriends and friends, but I’d rather travel 1000 times alone. In this blog post, I shared my tips for your first time. It works also if you are a man.


  1. Choose an easy destination
  2. Organize your trip
  3. Book all your rooms
  4. Think about all the transportation means
  5. Get travel insurance
  6. Get in touch with someone their
  7. Share your plans with someone
  8. Trust your gut
  9. Be open-minded
  10. Enjoy!

1. Traveling alone as a woman: Choose an easy destination

Traveling alone can be scary, more when you are a woman. It is a fact: it is a riskier activity for us. Walking in the street or drinking in a nightclub too! But we can’t stop living!


It is shitty, but it is like that, so we have to deal with it. But when it comes to traveling, it is important to go step by step if you are not 100% confident.


Instead of booking the first flight to Kuala Lumpur, think of the closest destinations where people speak the same language as you.

This way, you could come back home quickly and easily if you don’t feel well. A great solution to not get too stressed on your first trip.


When you travel, it is easy to find yourself in unpleasant situations such as a robbery, a disease, a police control, and more. And when you don’t speak the language, these situations can be the worst.


For your first trip as a female traveler, you have to reduce the risk. If you live in the US, travel there. If you live in the UK, visit the rest of the country. Wherever you are, I am sure your country has so much to offer!


Think of all the small cities and villages around you that you could explore. They are a great way to start small. It is also true for male travelers.

Later, you could get more adventurous and go further at your own pace. It is the most important: respect your own pace! We are not all ready to travel the world for the first time!


And go little by little At the beginning, you can travel only for a few days, then increase the duration. 

With experience, you will be able to spend more time and further, and also know what you really need.

2. Traveling alone as a woman: Take time to organize your trip

Planning your trip is a great way to gain confidence. You can buy a travel guide or read online blogs to find the information you need to book a room, take transportation, find out what tourist places to visit, and more things.


You can also look for some Instagram accounts that have been to the places you want to discover. You can DM them for more information. Travogram is also a great app if you need inspiration for your itinerary.


If you have information about your destination, you will feel more confident and, so you will stress less. Information is power!

3. Traveling alone as a woman: Book all your rooms

If you have to find a room once you arrive, you will stress. And if you travel on a budget, it will get worst. 

So, whether you stay at the same place or your trip will take you to different cities, book everything in advance.

First, choose the kind of place that matches your personality:

  •  If you are an extrovert and go easily speaking to others, stay at a hostel. You could meet fellow travelers.
  • If you enjoy your own company, go for an Airbnb or a hotel. Your host or the hotel receptionist could help you make the most of your stay.

Secondly, have a B option, just in case. Cockroaches, humidity, or heating problems, among others, it might happen that the room you booked is not what you expected.

There is little probability that it happens if you use websites like Airbnb, Booking or Hostelworld, but you never know (I tell you so because it has happened to me). 

If you have other options to count on, you will feel more relaxed. Even if you don’t book anything else, just knowing that there are options will help you a lot.

Finally, gather some information about the neighborhood where you will stay. Make sure it is safe and that there are supermarkets, coffee places, and restaurants close. 

It is also very convenient for visits that a metro station or bus stop is close.

4. Traveling alone as a woman: Think About transportation

Booking the transportation that you need to your destination makes sense. However, they are not the only transportation means that you have to think.


How are you going to go from the airport to your hotel? And from your hotel to touristic sports?


Depending on the cities or the countries, there are great differences between the different transportation means and their costs.


It is not the same to get on an RER in Paris as a grand taxi in Fez or a Uber in Rio… Look for some information about the safest transportation means and their prices to avoid bad surprises.

visiter Rio

5. Traveling alone as a woman: Get travel insurance

Infection in New York, important burn in Thailand, broken nose in Brazil. 


Every time I travel, something happens to me. It is why I am always happy to contract health insurance.


You never know what can happen when you are traveling, and in some countries, the bill can be very high. Don’t let a health issue ruin your trip!


There are many companies that offer travel insurance. Study every pack they offer to select the one that fits your needs better.

6. get in touch with Someone on site

You will be more relaxed if you know someone already in the place you want to visit, knowing that you can contact them if you need it. So speak about your future trip around you. You may have a friend or a relative that knows someone, and could put you in touch with this person.

If not, you can reach Facebook travelers groups or do research on Instagram to find a fellow traveler. For sure, there is a someone that could help you and be your contact once at your destination.

Moreover, it is highly possible that they want to take you to visit the city or to have a drink. Who knows? You might meet a new friend!

7. Share your plans with a trusty person

Whether you decide to go to the market, visit a park, or have a Tinder date, share always your plans with a trusty person, even if they are miles from you.

Because, you will feel safer during these activities.

Because, in case something happens (it won’t), someone could contact the authorities.

Share always the information privately. Don’t share your live locations on social media, for example. You have to be prudent!

8. Trust your gut

During trips, but also in normal life, stick to your guts. If a situation worries you or makes you feel bad, leave. Even if rationally you find one hundred reasons to stay, leave.


I use my intuition a lot when I am traveling, and it kept me away from many problems. I am sure of it. You have to learn to trust yourself and don’t hesitate to say no, even if everyone thinks you are crazy.


Nobody knows you better than you do! So trust your gut and avoid, at any cost, uncomfortable situations.

9. Be open-minded

It is advice that works if you travel alone, and also with others. Travelling is discovering a new place, a new culture, and a new lifestyle. Don’t judge them!

They are not better or worst than the ones you already know. They are just different! 

If you are open-minded, you will let the doors open to be surprised by the destination and so live unforgettable moments. You have to be receptive.

You will have some moments when you will want to stay in your room or others when you won’t feel ok.

It is fine! You have the right to feel homesick, miss your people, and want to do nothing and stay on your own.

10. Enjoy

It is my last piece of advice!


Enjoy every single moment, landscape, and encounter. Live at 100%! Traveling alone is living unforgettable moments, enjoying unique experiences, and meeting amazing people.


It is creating moments that will stay with you forever. And the time when you are traveling flies, so enjoy every second!

Are you ready to travel by yourself? Traveling alone as a woman can scare a little, but it is worth trying!

You may find out that it is not for you. You may not like the experience. It is ok! We are all different!

If you want to follow my trips as a female traveler, follow me on Instagram!

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