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Morocco is a fascinating country. Breathtaking landscapes, delicious cuisine, colorful cities, unique craftsmanship… The list of qualities of this country that attracts so many tourists is long. I was fortunate to discover a part of this wonderful country, and one city, in particular, caught my attention: Chefchaouen. Not only because of the blue color of its facades but also because of its laid-back lifestyle. If you plan to explore this magical destination, here are 7 things to do in Chefchaouen.

Must-visit places in Chefchaouen Morocco:

1. Get lost in the medina
2. Stroll around Uta-al-Hammam Square
3. Visit the Kasbah
4. Listen to the call to prayer at the Great Mosque
5. Go to the Spanish Mosque
6. Have dinner at the Morisco restaurant
7. Take photos of the cats

Lost in the mountains, there is a blue and white gem hidden called Chefchaouen, also known as Xaouen or Chaouen. Founded in 1471, it has welcomed visitors since the late 19th century, when figures like Charles Foucauld or William Summers discovered it. A few years later, the Spanish occupied the city until 1956 when it returned to Moroccan control. Today, around 40,000 people live there, and numerous tourists from around the world visit, drawn by its natural surroundings, atmosphere, and, above all, its famous colors.

1) gET LOST IN la medina

Of the 7 things to do in Chefchaouen, one you shouldn’t miss is strolling through the medina, composed of a multitude of narrow alleys whose lower parts of the walls are painted blue. If the entire city is painted in this magical color, it’s because blue helps keep insects, especially mosquitoes, at bay! Clever, isn’t it?

All these different shades of blue give the medina a very special character. It’s a pleasure to get lost and search for the facade that allows you to take the most beautiful photo to share on Instagram. The problem is that all the walls are beautiful!

visiter le maroc chefchaouen

2) Stroll around the Uta-al-Hammam square

Uta-al-Hamman Square is the heart of the medina. Every tourist passes through there at least 4 times a day ^^ It must be said that Chaouen is not very big. The square is also the soul of the city, where men tasked with attracting customers to the restaurants greet you at every step, call you by name, and make jokes.

It is a meeting point and, above all, the ideal place to have a mint tea on the terrace and discuss politics and football with the waiters, admire the sun playing on the walls of the Kasbah, observe people coming and going, and Muslims heading to the mosque at each call to prayer.

que faire à chefchaouen

3) Visit the Kasbah

A Kasbah, a word of Berber origin, represents a kind of fortress and historically referred to the palace of the sovereign or the citadel. The one in Chaouen will allow you to learn a bit more about the history and culture of the area through a small but very interesting exhibition. I recommend climbing to the top of the tower for a view of the city and to listen to the tourists in the square, the barking dogs, the singing children… because we often forget that a city is not only meant to be seen but also heard.

4) Listen to the call to prayer at the Great Mosque

For me, the most beautiful sound in the world is the call to prayer, so I enjoyed spending time around the Grand Mosque and its beautiful octagonal minaret, one of the most important buildings in the city. The echoes of the call to prayer resonate there five times a day, creating a unique atmosphere.

5) Go to the Spanish mosquee

The Spanish Mosque is located on the way to the Ras-el-Ma waterfall and the kif fields. This short 15-minute journey is very easy and pleasant. Once you reach the destination, sit down and enjoy the view over the city in an almost religious silence.

6) Have dinner at the restaurant MORISCO

If you want to eat, the medina offers a variety of budget-friendly restaurants. I must confess that I fell in love with the restaurant Morisco in the main square of the medina. We dined on the terrace on the top floor of the building. The moment we entered the restaurant, there was already an irresistible aroma. We ordered a Moroccan salad, a harira soup, a kefta tagine, and a minced meat crêpe. Everything was DELICIOUS! Especially the crêpe!

7) Take photos of the cats

Morocco is the country of cats. White, black, ginger… You find them everywhere, on every corner, in every alley. In Chefchaouen, they even invite themselves to restaurants. It’s great in winter when it’s a bit cold on the terrace, and a friendly cat comes to snuggle on your lap for a little nap. It’s also perfect for taking photos and concluding this list of 7 things to do in Chefchaouen.

Visiting Chefchaouen Morocco is immersing oneself in a unique universe and marveling at the beauty of this unique blue city. In summary, it is clearly a must-visit if you are in Morocco.

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things to do in chefchaouen morocco
things to do in chefchaouen morocco
things to do in chefchaouen morocco

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